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KNEU CLASSIFIEDS has been on air for 40 years! We're the original classified program! All others...well they're just copies of the best original around! 

Classifieds LIVE is on-air weekdays from 12:15-12:30. We welcome  your calls, emails and mail-ins to talk about on our show. 

Classifieds is for local folks to buy, sell & trade items they need  to get rid or find something specific. For example: if you are looking for some good horse hay, or if you'd like to sell your vehicle- give us a call. No retail business are allowed to advertise product unless you talk to our sales department and pay for the ads first.  

Give us a call during our program and talk about your item(s) & needs on-air! If you send us a list of items you're selling or looking for we will typically run that listing for 3 days. If you want to renew just let us know or re-send your info. 

The EASIEST way to get your item on is to call us during the show! 






2242 E 1000 S Ballard, UT 84066


NO retail businesses, MLMs or similar home businesses, no commercial operations, no puppy mills, no realtors.

GUNS- Know Utah law when selling private firearms. Private firearms transfers  are not subject to a background check requirement in Utah, however, In 2012, Utah enacted a law prohibiting transfer of a firearm to a person that the seller knows is prohibited under Utah law from possessing firearms. Utah penalizes: Any person who purchases a firearm with the intent to resell or otherwise provide the firearm to a person ineligible to purchase it from a licensed dealer.

Utah also prohibits the sale of any firearm to a person under age 18 unless he or she is accompanied by a parent or guardian.

All Listings must be in good taste and may not contain any objectionable content (including, but not limited to, direct requests for money, gifts, or other items (without an exchange for a good or service), pranks, profanity, defamation, inappropriate language, etc.  All Listings must be for goods or services that are permitted under Utah law. Listings may not contain information of a religious, political or non-commercial nature.

Send us your info here!

Thanks! Message sent.

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